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  • A cGMP Certified Facility

  • FREE – No Obligation Quotes

  • Quick Quote Turnaround Time

  • Prompt Product Turnaround Time

  • Knowledgeable Product Advisers

  • Friendly & Professional Customer Service

  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance



Our Company History

For more than 21 years Pinnacle Labs Int. has been in the business of developing and producing Nutraceutical Products. Since 2000 Pinnacle Labs Int. has expanded its focus to provide our customers with high-quality, innovative and cost-effective Products. Pinnacle Labs Int. is recognized as cGMP compliance, privately owned and operated with a successful Leader in the production of Private Labeling, Nutritional Supplements, and Vitamins…..Now with absolute emphasis on cGMP manufacturing, we are now doubtless at the forefront of the industry.


Why Pinnacle Labs Is One Of The Premiere Nutraceutical Manufacturers?

Pinnacle Labs is committed to providing you with products that not only meet, but exceeds quality and efficacy standards. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on growing your business to the next level. At Pinnacle Labs our partnerships are based on a Promise, our approach to that Promise is to treat your product as if it were our product and to translate your innovation and passion into our passion, to deliver the quality and services you deserve from a reputable partner.


Pinnacle Labs Future

Pinnacle Labs offers prompt quote turnaround times on all requests submitted via the website or through our team of product advisers, and we continue to strive to turn products around faster than any other manufacturer. We also employ the most knowledgeable and experienced customer service team who are ready and able to answer any type of nutraceutical manufacturing question. Our business understands that customers have many contract manufacturers to choose from……and that is why Pinnacle Labs is determined to deliver Smart Solutions, form a Strong relationship and make a secure commitment to a Promise you can count on.

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50,000 Capsules Minimum Order*

*Minimum order does not apply if you are using any trademark ingredients in your formula.
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