Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the supplement business? And do you have any referrals?
Pinnacle Labs International has been in the dietary supplement business for the past 21 years. Due to customer confidentiality, we cannot provide our customers names.  In the past 21 years, Pinnacle Labs International has produced more than thousands of products for hundreds of contracted companies.


What is the minimum purchase requirement?
Depending on the formulation, a minimum of 1,000 bottles is typically required.  However, some formulations can be manufactured in as low a quantity as 500 bottles.  Just call us with a description of your project, we’ll gladly tell you if we are able to provide you with less than 1,000 bottles.  Please call (800) 600-4634 to speak to a Quoting Specialist to get more information or you may submit a free quote request through our website.


What are the terms?
We require industry-standard terms, 50% deposit to begin your order and the remaining balance upon completion before shipment.  Click here for our detailed terms and conditions.


What is your typical lead time?
Because of our commitment to obtaining the highest quality ingredients at the lowest cost, as well as our strict adherence to all GMP regulations, the average turnaround time on your custom order is 4-6 weeks.  Reorders are faster and take approximately 3-4 weeks to receive. We do, however, work on a rush basis quite often!   Pinnacle Labs International also honors ‘blanket ordering’.


Are you registered with the FDA?  Any other certifications? 
Pinnacle Labs International is indeed registered with the FDA and follow rule 21.CFR.111 (cGMP in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements).  Pinnacle Labs’ FDA Registration number is 23493.  We are also cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.


How can I be sure that the ingredients in my formulation are of the highest quality?
Per FDA standards, as well as Pinnacle Labs International’s own strive for quality, all ingredients and finished goods go through an extensive testing process to assure our customers that they are being provided with good, quality products.  We also eagerly offer you a Certificate of Analysis with every order.  This document reveals the exact contents of your finished product.  Post-production efficacy and microbiology reports, Certificate of Origin, Free Sale Certificates, Export Documents, and/or copies of our licenses, permits, and certificates are available upon request for a nominal fee.


Will you ship my individual orders?

Pinnacle Labs ships your entire order to the single location that you designate, including a fulfillment company of your choice.


Have other questions?
Please, do not hesitate to contact Pinnacle Labs International with any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on being attentive to both potential and existing customers.



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50,000 Capsules Minimum Order*

*Minimum order does not apply if you are using any trademark ingredients in your formula.